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Friday, May 21, 2010

What's in Ed's iPod?

I know you people are sitting in your cramped, 4x6 cubicles, pecking mindlessly away on your computer, trying to finish that stupid spread-sheet your boss wants yesterday, as your four-eyed, lecherous office manager who wears a tie with a short-sleeved shirt that's one size too small, looks accusingly in your direction. And you're asking yourself, "Man, where did my hopes and dreams go and who did I piss off to end up here? Life is too short for this! If it weren't for the misery, hopelessness, and despair, I'd have no companions at all. I need a distraction from all this. I wonder what Ed's listening to that'll help me out?"

Well, life's not as hard as all that but, it can be soul-sucking from time to time. So, here's my current play-list featuring some old and new from the alternative side:

Sonic Youth
Modest Mouse
The Cure
Silversun Pickups
The Killers

If you check these bands out and put some of their stuff on you iPod, I'm sure things will start to look up for you. Thanks for asking.


Bill said...

Ed, I know you're only slightly younger than I, and I've never even heard of any of those.

You're trying to make some of us feel very old.

ed said...

Bill, go to the "Notes" section of my FB page and you'll see my "25 things about myself" list. One of those reads something like, "My musical tastes did not get mired in my youth" or something. I've always been an alternative guy.

Bill said...

Ed, when I saw the "Georgia Bulldogs" thing on there I started gagging and had to get out.

I like Steely Dan, too, of course.

Ed said...

OK Bill, let's see your 25 Things list. I'm sure I can find some fodder for jokes too. You're not a fan of the dogs? Blaspheme!

Bill said...

Go Jackets!