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Monday, June 15, 2009

W.H.O. declares swine flu pandemic.....despite obvious absence of one

Last week the World Health Organization got bored apparently and decided to declare a level 5 pandemic for swine flu in the wake of literally tens of deaths. Now the news has gotten even worse, if that's imaginable......

June 15 (Bloomberg) -- A victim of swine flu died yesterday in Scotland, the first confirmed death from the virus outside the Americas, according to the World Health Organization.

In other WHO news, drunken soccer hooligans fight with each other during matches and Brits by the dozens kill selves after hearing news of Spice-Girls reunion. Do those qualify as pandemics of soccer hooligans fighting and justifiable suicides, respectively? What do you bet the WHO has dramatically lowered the definition for what qualifies as a pandemic, by rationalizing that it's been since '68 since the last one, so it must be that the bar is set too high. Dumb WHO bureaucrats never thought to consider that modern medicine might have eliminated or mitigated the threat of pandemic infections.

They're no different than dreadful public-education bureaucrats who don't have enough failing students to justify demands for more funding. Rather than accept that the system works, they change the definition of failure.

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