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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What's in Ed's CD player?

FM music mostly blows these days! It's formulaic, having been contrived from a focus-group poll by a record-company toadie. I know you're sitting out there in your claustropohic cubicle, toiling away on boring, pointless busy work your boss assigned to you. And in addition to second guessing all your life choices, you're wondering why the microwave Kettle-Korn that the drone in the next cubicle popped in the office kitchen, smells so awful. What you need is some high-quality tunes to take the edge off another soul-sucking day spent in your crap office chair, in your crap office, at your crap job. Well check out what I've been listening to lately, and while it won't change any of the dreadful decisions you've made in your life, it'll help you escape, drug-free, for a little while, the mind-numbing despair and hopelessness.


Old 97's-----------Fight Songs
Guided by Voices---Universal Truths and Cycles
Uncle Tupelo-------Still Feel Gone
Bloc Party---------Silent Alarm
Foo Fighters-------The Colour and the Shape
Psychadelic Furs---All of This and Nothing


David said...

I'm wearing my capris and listening to the soundtrack to "Mama Mia". In case you don't know that is Abba cover songs.

Otherwise I listen to acoustic guitar covers of whatever I can get my hands on. This in an attempt to help me teach myself to play the guitar.

Ed said...

Mama Mia? Voluntarily? Dude, there are only two acceptable excuses for that, either you are in trouble with the wife and are trying to get on her good side, or you've switched teams. It's cool either way.

I pretended to enjoy Mama Mia with my wife a few weeks ago on PPV, but I agreed to it only because she pretended to enjoy Quantum of Solice with me the week before.

David said...

Yes, we did the same exchange. QofS was not Bond's best but MM was not the worst of the chick flicks.

What is marriage if not compromise to avoid strife?

ed said...

Try this: tell your wife that you'll watch any chick-flick with her without complaint, as long as she's topless. See how that works out.