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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama gives union thugs an office in the White House

It's no secret that Obama is beholden to the UAW unions whose donations helped greatly to get him elected. It's why he essentially handed GM and Chrysler over to them on a silver platter(against federal bankruptcy law). Today, he'll finish cementing his cozy relationship with union thugs....

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is creating a White House council to handle issues that affect American communities and workers tied to the automotive industry.

The White House says Obama will sign an executive order Tuesday to establish the White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers. The council will be chaired by the president's economic adviser, Larry Summers, and his labor secretary, Hilda Solis.

Democrats are beholden to unions the way plants are beholden to water, and Obama will take no action that harms union support. That's what this silly council is designed to do....convince union thug bosses that he's keeping their interests above the best interests of the car companies, and it's share-holders, that the union members work for. He wants the union bosses to know that they have direct access to his office.

There are so many things wrong and illegal about this whole car-company bankruptcy deal, that I can't even go into it all. You all know what's going on. The fix is in and productive Americans like us, and our kids and grand kids, are on the hook for it.

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David said...

Recommendation: Purchase not one "American" car save possibly a Ford. And Ford may soon succumb due to its mandate to compete "against" the government, i.e. GoV Motors and Suck-ler.

I will not ever purchase another product from these government "companys" I expect the revival of the "K" car - scourge of the roads. You think GM was a bureaucratic quagmire before, just wait. Their new product line will make the Pontiac Aztek look sophisticated and sleek. There is no way either GM or C will be innovative, competitive, or capable of producing ANYTHING anyone will want to purchase - unless of course that person is a mouth-breathing moron (which is likely given the nation's quest for idiocracy.

Gird your loins America! Buckle up for the ride of your lives. And remember YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!