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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Barbara Boxer sets femenism back decades

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California) can't be this insecure......

This ridiculous broad is chiding a Brig. General in the U.S. military for using the standard term for addressing women. The general used "sir" when answering questions from male senators and none of them got their feelings hurt.

What an obnoxious, waste of clean air Barbara Boxer is!

At the end of the clip, instead of saying "Yes, senator", he should have said, "Hey Babs, if you'd shut your miserable, insecure pie-hole for like 5 seconds, you'd realize that all military personnel use the terms 'sir' and 'ma'am' when addressing people who're senior in rank to themselves.....you dumb broad!"

Just once before I die, I'd like hear a witness before a stupid senate committee hearing put one of these self-important politicians in their place.


Anonymous said...

I am S*O glad to be the first on this one!!
As a woman~ I am embarrassed & ashamed by her arrogance!! That she was so petty as to correct the courtesy & respect(not deserved) afforded to her by the General! UGgghhh!!
Boxer is a douche-bag!! I said it!! So There!! /BBC

ed said...

Well put BBC. When smarmy politicians treat military people with condescension and contempt, they expose themselves as the reprehensible a$$#@!es they are.

Reid said...

Manners, nothing but simple and straight forward manners. Nothing to do with the military, although I do know that this personal adress system is accurate, and she cannot grasp the fact that a man is just being polite. Nothing more. When you are ridiculed and spend your time constantly looking over your shoulder searching for the person ridiculing you, insecurity is the norm. Wake up Boxy Barbie. Get over yourself. We all know that if you were a resident of any other state, you would nothing more than a city council member, if that. Relax and enjoy the ride you are on, 'cause when the train crashes into the terminal there will be nothing left for you and your cronies to control. Because of you, and idiots like you, we are on a crash course in dependent-cy

ed said...

Right you are Reid. A lot of California politicians would never make it past local offices in normal states.