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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran burns while Obama yucks it up with a 40 year old adolescent

Is it just me, or is the Obama administration startlingly casual about the possible Iranian revolution and the Nork situation?

40-something year old punk Tony Hawk actually skateboarded in the White House over the weekend. Is this the appropriately serious attitude the administration should have in light of what's happening around the world? Iranian students were dying for a shot at freedom at the exact time jack-ass Tony Hawk was treating the White House like a skate park. While North Korea threatened Hawaii with missiles and the US with all-out war, the media got the vapors over what kind of ice-cream the Obama's fed their stupid dog.

Is this administration serious about anything but nationalizing every major industry in America and irreversibly expanding the welfare state....I mean besides making sure all the cool people in the world continue to adore The One?

Good grief! where are all the grown-ups?


Bobby T said...

The real issue here is the total lack of regard that our President apparently has for a grand structure - owned by the people not his sorry A&& !
To allow anyone to willingly do this is a disgrace and is a direct slap at the millions of Americans that have lost loved ones that defended thevery freedoms this building stands for. The occupant should be the loudest advocate for freedom and the bully against tyranny, not a skateboarding "dude". Get off the TV and do something responsible. Fire a missile at the Norks. Enrage some random Arabian shiek to fuel the fires in the Middle East, but do something other than ruining this soon to be once great country.

Tracie said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thought it was offensive. What the hell?