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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What are you guilty of?

I found this picture of an idiot protestor and thought it'd be a fun exercise to see who is the most guilty among the TRR readers. Click on the picture to make it bigger, then read through the list and see how big of a sinner you are, according to this moron who even hates yuppies and used-car salesmen.....but then, who doesn't?

I'm guilty of 5, maybe 6 if I knew what the heck a Calvinist was.

Leave your sin-count, as always, in the comment thread.


Angie Lee said...

I'm an ex-Dummycrap (long ago learned my lesson on THAT one). I'm an ex-fornicator (is it still fornication if you're married???).

I was married in a Methodist church - does that count?

Ed said...

So regular reader Angie is down for maybe three, past or present sinnings. Not bad. I'm a much worse person than you, Angie.

Angie Lee said...

I wouldn't say "worse," probably just more exposed to the world. I've been kind of secluded most of my life - as a teen, busy working on the farm and no time for "what everyone else my age was doing" (most of which seemed asinine anyhow, but I always was a weird one), and now because of my health (one of the joys of being mostly non-ambulatory but doctors not feeling much need to hook me up with mobility devices.... and just think how GREAT healthcare will be under Teh! Bama!).

And being a Dummycrap truly is a sin - thank God for repentance!

I had to laugh over the religious listings on the sign. Many of the core teachings of the Protestant religions are similar, so why is one "better" than another, which I would assume he thinks since they are not all listed?

What a dork.

Anonymous said...
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Ed said...

And what could he possibly have against Shriners? I mean how can you hate on a dude who drives a tiny car while wearing a red fez?

I was pretty shelered too but, managed to make up for it later in life.

Angie Lee said...

I had that same thought about the Shriners but in the fact that they do A LOT of good for children with the Shriners Hospitals.

Only "adulteresses" and not "adulterers"?

I know MANY bikers who do a lot of charity work as well, most often for kids. Guy must have something against helping children....

Methodists and Calvinists? Come on. Why did he single those out among the many other Christian faiths with common teachings and not others?


Ed said...

Yeah, I noticed that he specified only women who cheat on their husbands, not husbands who cheat on their wives. What do you bet his wife cheated on him....but then, who could blame her?

Bobby T said...

Aren't Lesbians and Homosexuals the same thing or is it gender based discrimination name calling. We must treat "those folks" right when we slur them don't you think?
Masons are curently cool to mess with since they are prominent in the National Treasure movies and in Angels and Demons. Shriners wear bad hats- nuf said! Move On.
The sign holder then lumps the Aetheists in with the Churchies - again not fair! How can the "bangers" and bad cops stand being lumped with the used car salesmen, (by the way what about the used car saleswomen, Are they exempt from hell?)Which Scientologist? is it Cruise, Travolta, Cage or some random guy in SoCal? What about the non prosperity preachers, are they okay, 'cause if so tose guys just need to quit beggin for cash- it will come won't it?

Basic Dumb-ass as I see it!!

Michael said...

I believe Calvinism is a Christian faith that believes in pre-destination? I could be wrong on that one bu-... does that sign say we should be guilty of almost every religion including satanist, guilty of being evolutionist, guilty of being a scientologist (I refuse to even capitalize that) and even guilty of being atheist?! Kind of hard to get around that if you ask me. Ha "Demoncrats." I assume this character is a Republican since it says Liberals and Demoncrats but nothing about conservatives. Bad Cops? This is guy must have been desperate to fill up the whole sign.