“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Romney, Romney, he's our man.....if he can't do it....

SC Governor Mark Sanford was the odds-on favorite to challenge The Obamessiah is 2012. Now that he stepped on his own you-know-what, the race seems to be wide open, but is it? Let's take a quick look at the contenders....

LA Governor Bobby Jindal - He's a terrific conservative and has significantly cleaned up the most corrupt state in the union but, he's young and in his first term. Most think he's biding his time until 2016.

AK Governor Sarah Palin - She might be the best conservative in the bunch but let's face it, she's the punchline to too many jokes and if she can't be taken seriously, what real chance does she have with the media hysterically against her?

Gen. David Patraeus - Americans love generals as politicians. Patraeus saw the surge through to success and stood his ground against an extremely hostile congress and media. A great guy but, we don't really know his politics so he's sort of a long shot for now.

Former AR Governor Mike Huckabee - I think Mike took his best shot in '08. I like him personally and politically but, he comes from too close to the religious right to have broad appeal in a general election. And I'll bet his wife prefers the easy life of a talk-show host's wife to the rigors of a presidential campaign.

MN Governor Tim Pawlenty - Pawlenty gets a lot of checks on the conservative checklist but, his state elected idiot Al Franken to the senate, and Pawlenty seemed to exert no influence or control over the process of recounting, even in a non-partisan way.

GOP whip in congress from VA Eric Cantor - He's definitely an up-and-comer in the GOP. Young, good looking, and smart. He needs some seasoning before shooting for the stars. He might think that if a community agitator from the corrupt city of Chicago can win, why can't I? Answer: because the feckless media and 63.7million moron voters won't hand deliver you to the White House. You'll have to earn it.

Which leaves us with former Governor and economic whiz Mitt Romney - Romney's conservative credentials are unquestionable and he almost beat McCain for the nomination in '08. Who cares if he's a Mormon. You religious-right fanatics need to get over yourselves. If the economy is still floundering under The One's disastrous policies, then Romney will be the money guru to save the day. Unless somebody comes out of the woodwork, kind of like the way Obama did, for the GOP, then I predict Romney might be the guy for us in 2012.


Reid said...

I think we should see the GOP trot out J.C. Watts. A fine looking young man, with a great upside potential. He can go after similar demographics that the Dems claimed this time. Remember the young vote will be the vote in a few years. With the right running mate, this guy could usher in a new face to the republican party. By attacking the Dems whwere they dominated, the election boils down to the intelligent older vote. Guess what, he comes a few more years of sanity and reason.

ed said...

I'm afraid though, that the black vote is so generationally wed to the democrat party, that JC would be subjected to the Oreo charge and not taken seriously by rank and file black voters. He would certainly peel away maybe....10%...maybe but, is that still leaves 85% of blacks voting democrat regardless of how harmful democrat ideology and policy is to black families.

Tracie said...

I still want to know how we ended up with McCain.
Good assessment. I think you're right - especially about Palin - and that's a shame.

Do you think Michelle Obama will eventually run for president?

Ed said...

Do you think Michelle Obama will eventually run for president?

God help us!