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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hostile reader feedback

I received this comment from a dude in California about whose pet I wrote this blog post back in February. It was about a news story regarding a reticulated python that got away in a neighborhood full of pets and children. Click on the link and take a look at the post, then read what the owner had to say to me. What a great comment!

First off, jack ass. Clarice HAS NEVER eaten live food in her freaking life! She eats PREKILLED rabbits. She is my snake and has NEVER bitten, struck out, or even attempted to harm anyone. Brandon Dennis is an irresponsible pet owner that let my snake escape while he was supposed to be taking care of her, If you have any question please email me at raevyngirl707@gmail.com

Let me address this point by point: First, Clarice has never eaten live food because you have never given it to her. Two, she has never bitten, struck out, or harmed anyone because, as everybody knows, when gorged on food, reptiles are very docile and non-aggressive unless threatened.

Try not feeding her for a while and then run a small child near her out in the yard. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we cannot make friends with carnivorous, top-predatory reptiles. We are nothing but their next potential meal. Today she eats prekilled rabbits but, try skipping a couple of mealtimes, her next meal will be you. He called me "Jack-ass"....hilarious!


Anonymous said...

What do you expect Ed, from a dude whose e-mail address is "raevyngirl"? What do you bet he named his daughter Raevyn?

Angie Lee said...

That's a big dang snake.

Where Jackie went wrong, though, was allowing someone less than responsible enough to do the job snake-sit. That's kind of like leaving your kids with a meth addict, isn't it?

CPS comes like rabid dogs after parents citing neglect for this kind of "mistake," (often taking the kids in the process), so why didn't that happen to her courtesy of the DNR or animal control, when she left her pet - utterly dependent upon the caregiver for food, shelter, and care - with an irresponsible party?

Bobby T said...

Let's get to the real issue at hand. Why anyone would choose the name "Clarice" for anything. Secondly, why did it take this "lefter" so long to respond to the post. I guess he was to busy killing rabbits for Clarice to eat!! Now who in their right mind kills rabbits for a snake, when it is perfectly capable of killing its own food itself. Thirdly, "First off,jack ass" isn't even a complete sentence. I guess that shows his level of competence. With that brilliant starting point, I question whether the surfer dude is capable of enough discernment to handle this type of pet,

David said...

I'm thinking "Clarice" is an allusion to the main character in the movie "Silence of the Lambs", remember "Quid pro quo, Clarice"? If so, I like it.

But owning a snake, bird, or other non-typical "pet" is always questionable in my mind. For example, I consider anyone with a bird suspect of being at least lonely if not somewhat crazy.

Finally, judging by "his" name I suspect this dude is a gal or at least crazy which brings me back to my theory of non-typical pets.

Ed said...

Right you are David. While he's right, I am most certainly a jack-ass, Clarice as a name for a 400lb reticulated python suggests a psychologically question about this dude. It had to come from the movie, which means perhaps, a transference of Hannibal's cannabilism to the snake, paradoxically through the innocence of the Jodie Foster's character's name. To most pet owners, the pet is one of the family, thus the cannibalism. Weirdo!

ed said...

correction: "psychological" question.