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Friday, June 12, 2009

Digital TV switch today still confuses some morons.....but then, what doesn't?

For how many years have we known about the switch to all digital TV signals? The switch date used to be Feb17 of this year until it was revealed that millions of idiots had not figured out that their antennae would no longer work. The current date is today. And as expected, we'll be treated to sympathetic stories like this one for the next year as brain-dead TV watchers whine about not knowing about the switch and not being able to afford the converter box......

NEW YORK — TV stations in the U.S. plan to cut their analog signals Friday, ending a more than 80-year era for the over-the-air technology that changed America's landscape, and reshaped and defined its culture.
The Federal Communications Commission estimates that more than 1 million homes still have not installed digital converters or switched to a digital cable or satellite service provider, and has put 4,000 operators on standby to handle calls from confused viewers.

There're a lot more things than TV signals that are confusing to these people.....like left from right, up from down, and the value of gainful employment. How dumb are these people? If you got caught off guard by the digital TV switch today and you cannot afford a $50 converter box, perhaps you should put down the remote, get a job, read a newspaper from time to time, and re-engage with the world.


Angie Lee said...

They aren't even $50. If you ask for one, they will send you a card for $40 off. Wal-Mart sells them for $45.

So for less than a pack of cigarettes, you can actually have TV.

Or just do like I did and say screw it, and throw in a DVD.... Who the hell has time to watch TV anyhow, with having to work to support my own family plus the breeders who can't close their legs once in a while (or at least get a FREE birth control pill - also courtesy of ME).

The more I think about it, the more PO'd I get. Why am I busting my hump for NOTHING but being told how useless I am for not contributing MORE?

ed said...

Angie, you're expressing the exact sentiment that millions in America's productive class are expressing. Why should we work extra hard if all we do is fork it over to the government who forks it over to a deadbeat? That's why California's tax revenue declined by 36% last year. People are fed up with supporting the shiftless, degenerate class and being told by our President that we are greedy for wanting to keep a few more pennies of our earnings.

Don't let it get you down girl. Sometimes I try not watching any news for an entire weekend, and I'm always amazed at how good and upbeat I feel on Sunday night. Then I turn on Fox and it drags me back down.

bowler said...

i've heard there are a few detriments to digital TV, such as when the signal is weakened by physical obstructions, but overall it's still a vast improvement