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Monday, June 01, 2009

TRR poll question

So I cut a tree down in my back yard this weekend. It was too small to call a tree guy but, too big to take down on one piece. I had to cut the top half off first and pull it down with a rope to avoid other trees, the deck, and power lines. I had already made the front-side wedge cut. Below is the clip of me making the back-side cut. It's an anti-climactic clip since nobody was filming when the tree was actually pulled down. The question is, was this too dangerous for an amateur, or could I move to Oregon and find work as a lumberjack? View the clip, then see the picture of the felled tree-top, then vote in the poll.

Here's the "after" picture. That's my 15yo standing there surveying his handywork with the rope.

What do you think if Ed and his method of felling trees?
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Tracie said...

I'm all for DIY projects, but coming from a family in the lumber business and seeing people injured by falling trees, I had to vote dumbass. :)

Ed said...

That's OK Trac'. If I had to guess, my wife probably cast the first vote for dumbass too. It looked more precarious than it was. Plus I had a well-thought out plan devised in case something went horribly wrong.....JUMP!!!

Tracie said...

Glad you didn't take it personally.
Being familiar with dumbass husbands, I did wonder what your wife thought about it.

Melissa said...

Did the chain saw get stuck in the tree at the end? How did you keep it from hitting the powerlines behind? I wanted to see the ladder fall or something funny happen. :-) Maybe a rabid squirrel attack? I'm voting Badass since nothing dumb happened but you did cut off the end of the video. Hmmmmm.........

Ed said...

If you look closely, you can see the nylon rope running from above me on the tree, over to the deck where the camera is. Michael and Dianne were pulling the tree as I cut it so it wouldn't fall over on top of me. I came down for a minute to tell Michael to start pulling and he went ahead and pulled it down while nobody was filming.