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Monday, June 15, 2009

If you outlaw knives, only outlaws will have knives

This might be the stupidest thing I'll see all week. You might have already guessed that it's from the former great, Great Britain....

The first “anti-stab” knife is to go on sale in Britain, designed to work as normal in the kitchen but to be ineffective as a weapon.

The knife has a rounded edge instead of a point and will snag on clothing and skin to make it more difficult to stab someone.

Mr Cornock, 42, from Swindon, said that the knife will cut vegetables, but will make it almost impossible to stab someone to death and will reduce the risk of accidental injuries.

He said: “It can never be a totally safe knife, but the idea is you can’t inflict a fatal wound. Nobody could just grab one out of the kitchen drawer and kill someone.”

That's a load of crap. I could kill you nine different ways from Sunday with this knife. It's like the citizens of the UK are retarded toddlers who cannot be trusted with sharp objects. What's next, blunted nursery-school scissors? Crayons instead of ball-point pens?

The stab-less knife......gimme a break!

1 comment:

Michael said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do they think some one who actually wants to kill somebody will buy this? I mean if I wanted to kill someone with a knife it's not like I would go buy this knife as my weapon only to get home and say, "O darnit this knife is no good for killing, I guess I just won't kill him now."