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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Beware the Government-Industrial-Media Complex

I was under the apparently misguided impression that the U.S. Presidency was a serious job, with serious issues, and serious work to be done.....foolish me.....

The Caucus - NBC was clearly thrilled to have enough access to President Obama to base a two-part, prime-time special on it all this week (Part II runs Wednesday night.)

Mr. Obama, however, went even one step further for the network – participating in a spoof interview segment for “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” during his formal question-and-answer session with the NBC News anchor Brian Williams at the White House.

In the segment, shown on “Tonight” late Tuesday, Mr. Williams asked Mr. Obama whether he almost canceled his overseas trip this week “to stay and watch” Mr. O’Brien’s “first week as host of ‘The Tonight Show.’’’

Mr. Obama was fully game and, referring to Mr. O’Brien’s succession this week of the former “Tonight” host Jay Leno, joked, “This is something we discussed several times in the Oval Office, how to manage this transition between Leno and Conan. And I think he’s up to the task. But I just want him to know that there is not going to any bailout coming out from Washington if he screws it up.”

The economy's in the tank, the federal government is taking over private industries left and right, unemployment is 6%-8%, the Norks and Iranians have nukes and are threatening to use them, gas prices are creeping higher and higher, and Jon and Kate are splitting up. Does our President have the time to be goofing around in a serious news interview? And should the President be this chummy with a major news organization(NBC) which is supposed to represent the peoples' interests in checking the President's actions?

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, "Beware the military-industrial complex". Under the reign of Obama, we should beware the Government-Industrial-Media complex.

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