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Monday, October 15, 2007

Irony...locomotive style

Folks, you know that I don't bear ill will toward my fellow Americans, except maybe for pimps, carnies, and insurance salesmen, but this story was irresistable...

Man Killed by Train After Putting Penny on the Tracks

GREENWICH, Conn. (AP) -- Police say a man who was trying to entertain his family by putting a penny on the tracks has died after being struck by a train in Greenwich.

Police say the man had jumped onto the tracks at the Riverside train station Sunday afternoon to place a penny on a track and show his wife and three daughters how it would be flattened by a train.

Sgt. John Rizzitelli of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority says family members were trying to help him up get back on the platform.

The Metro-North Railroad train, an express from Stamford to New York City, was traveling at about 75 mph when it struck the man. He died immediately.

You can't write comedy like this! I mean I hate it that this family lost their dad/husband, but what a way to go? You get flattened by a train while showing your family how a train can flatten a penny......priceless!


Kevin said...

I think they understand the concept now. Sadly enough, he got his point across.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is why my mother said to never play by the train tracks. I am from Riverdale by the way. I flattened many a coin down there and am still kicking

Kevin said...

I have to wonder how he got stuck on the tracks. Was he doing a penny dance or something? All you have to do is put the penny on the track, you don't even have to stand on the track. This guy had some problems to die like that.

ed said...

It was at a train station in which the train ran within an inch of the passenger platform on which his family was standing. He had to climb up onto a 4-5ft platform to avoid the train and couldn't do it as easily as he thought.

Kevin said...

Darwin Award!