“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Breck Girl's plan for disaster

If you have scary nightmares about a Hillary presidency, it's fitting that on Halloween's eve you sit down, have a drink, and try to imagine a Breck Girl presidency. Here's just a small sampling of the idiocy that will be heaped upon the American taxpayer if she ever gets elected....

John Edwards says if he's elected president, he'll institute a New Deal-like suite of programs to fight poverty and stem growing wealth disparity. To do it, he said, he'll ask many Americans to make sacrifices, like paying higher taxes.

Edwards, a former Democratic senator from North Carolina, says the federal government should underwrite universal pre-kindergarten, create matching savings accounts for low-income people, mandate a minimum wage of $9.50 and provide a million new Section 8 housing vouchers for the poor. He also pledged to start a government-funded public higher education program called "College for Everyone."

"It is central to what I want to do as president to do something about economic inequality. I do not believe it is okay for the United States of America to have 37 million people living in poverty," he said in a meeting with Monitor reporters and editors this week. "And I think we need, desperately need, a president who will say that to America and call on Americans to show their character."

At every stop, Edwards said, he tells voters he'll ask them to sacrifice. Asked to describe what he means, he described his plan for increases in capital gains taxes, saying taxes on "wealth income" should be in line with those on work income.

"I think if we want to fund the things that I think are important to share in prosperity, then people who have done well in this country, including me, have more of a responsibility to give back," he said. Later, he added: "There are no free meals."

A couple of points if you don't mind:

-Of course he'll demand higher taxes. It's what democrats reflexively do...take as much money as they can away from the productive and give it to the lazy, stupid, and shiftless.

-Government-funded pre-kindergarten? The subversive "Government-is-Your-Friend" indoctrination can never start too early in the lives of impressionable young Americans. Edwards wants to government to get ahold of your child's mind before you do.

-Minimum-wage employees are already being paid at least twice what they're worth to their employer. Of course forcing employers to pay their entry-level, unskilled, immature, workers $9.50/hour or 2-3 times what their labor is worth, is a tried-and-true vote-buying scheme that appeals to the unambitious, uneducated, and lazy. Or as I like to call them...the democrat base.

-When people don't have any personal investment in their own property or housing, they don't take care of it...why should they? Having taxpaying Americans provide fabulous homes for indigents encourages them to not hold a job, improve their skills, or advance their education. In short, it perpetuates the very poverty that it is designed to alleviate....but of course that's exactly what democrats want...as many Americans dependent on them for their existence as possible.

-He wants to do something about economic inequality. Why not tell poor people to get another job? How about telling them to stay in school? stay off drugs? get married? don't have children you can't afford? work hard and earn promotions? You see it's not about equal opportunity as they annoyingly bleat about, with democrats, it's about equal outcome. We already have equal opportunity and some succeed and some don't...nothing more needs to be done about it. But that doesn't get entitlement-minded vagrants to vote democrat. Taking money from productive achievers and doling it out to lazy reprobates...that's what creates democrat votes.

The best costume this year would have been John Edwards with the seal of the president on his breast pocket.....real scary!


Kevin said...

History has proven that this silly form of economics doesn't work. Its called communism, and has never worked for a society. The government gets too much money and power, and they go overboard with it, and the people wind up either leaving or revolting.

capt. America said...

No Kevin, it is not called communism. It's called social-democracy. Yes, it's different from the American way, but it has absolutely nothing to do with communism. To state otherwise shows you know nothing about either.

It also works pretty good in large parts of Europe. That certainly doesn't mean it's perfect! But name a political system that is (I'm not talking therory).

ed said...

the capt. is correct. the democrats are changing our society incrementally toward socialism. Here is a wiki explanation that is more accurate and complete than I could render...

Social democracy is a political ideology that emerged in the late 19th century out of the socialist movement.[1] Modern social democracy is unlike socialism in the strict sense which aims to end the predominance of the capitalist system, or in the Marxist sense which aims to to replace it entirely; instead, social democrats aim to reform capitalism democratically through state regulation and the creation of state sponsored programs and organizations which work to ameliorate or remove perceived injustices inflicted by the capitalist market system. The term itself is also used to refer to the particular kind of society that social democrats advocate.

And in right there in bold, lies the rub. "perceived injustices". Perceived by whom? Social democrats no doubt, of which Hillary, The Breck Girl, Biden, Obama, and Richardson are all card-carrying members. Incrementalism is insidious enough, but the US will lunge toward socialism if one of them is elected CiC, from whom a congressinal majority will dutifully take their daily marching orders.

Kevin said...

Communism is an ideology that seeks to establish a classless, stateless social organization based on common ownership of the means of production. It is usually considered a branch of the broader socialist movement that draws on the various political and intellectual movements that trace their origins back to the work of Karl Marx.

Also courtesy of Wiki

capt. America said...

Communism has one major flaw - it's not made for people. It should have stayed in the books as an academic idea - together with nazism, facism and other totalitarian systems.

But democrats=communists? Please, give me a break. Let's keep the debate level at a minimum.

So you DO consult wiki, Kevin - a couple of weeks ago it was the most unreliable source of all?

ed said...

I think Kevin was attempting to rub my nose in Wikipedia. In socialism, the government seeks only to control the means of production....not unlike our regulatory-happy democrats. With communism, the State owns the means of production. That will never happen here because the country would collapse before that. Watch Venezuela, Chavez nationalized all the major privately-held industry and in a few years, what was once the bread-basket of South America will have plunged headlong into the third world.

Kevin said...

Communism has one major flaw - it's not made for people. It should have stayed in the books as an academic idea - together with nazism, facism and other totalitarian systems.

Capt America, this was my original point. And with the regulations on businesses that democrats want to apply to our economics, we are only a few votes away from it. But I was simply making a point by exaggerating the outcomes of the democrats decisions. And I also never said that democrats were communists, I said that their actions will lead to a communistic style economy. And yes I was rubbing your nose in Wiki Ed, I don't like using that website.

ed said...

C'mon, Wikipedia isn't that bad for garden-variety pedestrian info searches. You wouldn't want to cite it as a reference in a term paper, but if you have a logical, discerning mind and half an intellect, you can gleen plenty of good information from the site while sifting through the spin.

Kevin said...

Well yes, I'm not saying its full of crap, but there certainly is plenty of crap to sift through.