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Friday, October 05, 2007

It's Friday!

It's Friday and you know what that means...I'll probably post a story or two over the weekend depending on the interestingness of the news so check back from time to time. Until then consider this an open thread and discuss anything you like. Here's a topic to get things started...

Marion Jones' admission that she took steroids which helped her win 6 Olympic medals, 4 of them gold, was the big story today. Given the stakes of losing and the $$ potential of big-time sports success, is it possible that virtually all athletes who're at the top of their respective games have at least dabbled in steroid use?

I think that at least 50% of athletes who dominate their sport, and 75% of ones who want to, have at one time or another taken something they at least thought was a cheating substance. I think that many pro athletes intended to cheat. Whether it actually helped them or not is another debate topic.

For instance, would steroids help Tiger Woods? Answer: No, too much skill unassociated with muscle development and strength necessary in golf for it to do any good.

Discuss amongst yourselves...


Kevin said...

Tiger Woods got to his dominant state the hard way: Determination and Confidence. He got where he is because he knew he could, and was determined to accomplish his goals. Athletes who use steroids don't have any confidence in themselves, nor the determination to accomplish their goals. Steroids is cheating because there are athletes out there who work hard. Steroids shadows those people who achieve something great through hard work. Sadly, todays athletes think it isn't possible to play sports without steroids, and this trend will only grow as more and more athletes begin to experiment with them.

ed said...

Comment of the day....Kevin wins a cookie.