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Monday, October 29, 2007

Just blow the whole thing up

So the motley collection of third-world thugs and dictators known as the United Nations has decided that their building is run-down, and they want 2billion dollars to fix it. Guess who'll they hit up first? That's right, the same people who've been underwriting their anti-American hatred and international uselessness....the American taxpayer.

Michael Adlerstein, the architect who oversees the Capitol Master Plan, says the building "cannot function much longer in its present state".

He also has another reason for hoisting the infrastructure into the modern world - it is currently vulnerable to explosives.

Despite the grand setting, many of the fittings are worse for wear
"There's a tremendous need to secure the building against terrorist acts," he told the BBC.

Now there's an idea whose time has come. Just blow the whole thing up and move the UN to Brussels or Stockholm or The Hague or somewhere else they're more welcome. But that won't happen because that would make it too difficult to plunder and pillage the American taxpayer for funds with which to criticize us subvert our activities. I fully expect Bush to pony up taxpayers' money for the renovations, especially now that he's been all snuggly with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton about middle east peace...how embarrassing! And if he doesn't pay for it, Queen Hillary certainly will when she takes office.


Bobby T said...

The bulding was built by the US to allow the UN to exist. I feel that it is high time some of the other member nations "pony-up" and pay for repairs and needed upgrades.My only question is why does Mr. Alderstein think the building is even remotely on the target list from terrorists. Terrorists paystubs all have UN address' on them. Why cut off the hand that feeds you?

Ed said...

Excellent point bt. The terrorists have no better friend than the UN. Why would they fear an attack?

Joe Camel said...

I say we allow the liberals in government to push hard for a few mil to seed this project. we then allow the UN to hire an out of country architectural firm for design, and a foreign builder to construct, then come back and squeeze the good ole American taxpayers to pay it off. All in the name of world fairness. We pay they benefit. What a great system it is!!!

Kevin said...

Yes, Joe, lets stimulate other people's economies while simultaneously destroying our own!

Kevin said...

I assume you are joking too Joe.