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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too nutty for Hollywood?

Predictably liberals and Hollywood nitwits are blaming the fires this week on everything from global warming and the Iraq war to Halliburton, tax-cuts, and Karl Rove. You'd think their shrill bleating would resonate as it usually does, as one deranged, irritating voice but George Carlin is crazier than even garden-variety, Hollywood pinheads. He blames the victims of the fire for their homes being destroyed. Carlin lectures thusly...

"...because many of these home owners "overbuild" and "put nature to the test," "they get what’s coming to them."

That's as asinine as saying, "because many of these drivers "drive" to work and test the statistics, when they're killed in a wreck, they deserve it." Then he gleefully added that he...

"can’t wait for the sea levels to rise" and "for some of these cities to disappear."

Typical liberal dementia. Neither Carlin nor any other Hollyweirdos will admit that it's the drug-addled radical environmentalists who have prevented proper forest management...that means thinning trees and removing dead, dry underbrush. Absurd local ordinances in some California counties prevent people from even removing some protected species of thick brush from right around their house, effectively making their house a tinder-box.

You see to drug-addled hippies and Gore-worshipping liberals(more or less the same thing), people are a pestilence on the Earth. We offend mother Gaia just by being alive, and whenever nature kills lots of people and/or destroys our offensive domiciles, that's a victory for Gaia. It's satisfying for them to witness Mother Earth striving to return to her natural state...the state before the hoards of humans polluted and raped her. Clearly, George Carlin is one of those nuts.

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Kevin said...

Is he seriously blaming the the people that live there for this disaster? I'm pretty sure that unless one of them actually started the fire, it isn't there fault. I don't understand why these people need an actual person to blame for NATURAL disasters. Fire, Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, droughts: they are all man made according to liberals. In some way or another we could have prevented them. Ed you made a good point, one good way to stop forest fires or prevent Hurricane Katrina, would have been to get rid of the forest, and to NOT BUILD A CITY BELOW SEA LEVEL!!!! Don't live where the natural disasters occur, and they won't do any harm to you. STAY OUT OF HARM'S WAY!