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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, October 08, 2007

Bill's leftovers serve as advisors to Hill

WASHINGTON — Sandy Berger, the former national security adviser to President Bill Clinton who was convicted for stealing and destroying top secret documents, is now advising Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, FOX News confirms.

The Clinton's apparently learned nothing from Bill's eight years presiding over the most corrupt administration in the history of the country. The disgraced national security advisor to Bill, Sandy "the burglar" Berger is now advising Hillary's campaign. I guess when your popularity arises, as Hillary's does, as the result of a cult of personality, you can get away with pretty much anything. The media will certainly not hold Hillary accontable for hiring a man guilty of destroying one-of-a-kind national security documents as he tried to save Bill Clinton from being blamed, as he should have, for allowing 9/11 to happen. The berglar should be in Leavenworth right now busting rocks instead of enjoying the spotlight as the left's media darling. Anybody who throws themselves on their sword to protect the Clintons is promptly rewarded with star status by the fawning left-wing media in this country. Hillary can do almost anything and the media would look the other way they want so badly for her to be crowned queen of America. If she is, the republicans will have nobody to blame but themselves.

For true conservatism to make a comeback the republican party will have to hit rock bottom, and a Hillary presidency pretty much defines rock bottom for this country.


Kevin said...

This means that the president who takes over after Hillary, if she indeed does get elected, will inherit the same problems Bush did. It will become an endless cycle.

ed said...

Lord, let's just hope it's not another Bush. We already will have had Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton for 28 years.

Joe Camel said...

Thief and traitor. Nice sound Huh!

Ed said...

This is payback time for the burglar. He protected the Clinton legacy in terms of terrorism, and Hillary is paying him back. In essence she's buying his silence.

"You cover up what Bill and I neglected to do that would have prevented 9/11, and I'll pay you royally when I run for CiC in '08."

I'll bet that's not far from how it went down.