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Monday, October 01, 2007

Citizenship test

So the INS has written a new citizenship test that's supposed to be pretty hard, even for Americans. Given the pitiful state of our government education system, that's not surprising. With that being the case, let's see how many of you qualify to be citizens by taking a sampling of the new test. Go here, take the short quiz and see. I got 96%. I missed one question.

Be warned though, failure to get at least 70% will result in your immediate deportation, so get your affairs in order and answer wisely.


Kevin said...

92%, I missed a question about how many Amendments there were, I said 29, it was 27, and who wrote the Declaration of Independence, I said Hamilton (I know I'm an idiot) it was Jefferson. Well I still get to be a citizen.

David said...

I'm afraid to take it.

In high school I took the Cooter Preference Test, it told me I should be a fire watcher!

Kevin said...

Yes that would be bad if you failed it seeing how you are in our military. What is the military's policy on deporting its own officers?

Michael said...

I got an 88, but it was pretty tough.

Kevin said...

Nice michael, you get to keep your citizenship!... for now. :) jk bro