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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Social Security or Ponzi scheme.....what's the diff?

The beginning of the end of the single largest contributor to public expectation of lifetime government care and entitlements started this week...

WASHINGTON — Kathleen Casey-Kirschling filed for early retirement Monday, becoming the first baby boomer to start collecting Social Security.

Born one second after midnight in January 1946, the retired teacher leads the way for as many as 80 million individuals who will qualify for the retirement payout.

For you half-witted liberals out there who think it's your fellow taxpayers' moral responsibility to fund your lavish retirement, think again. If you are still in your forties, it probably won't be there when you want it. It is consistent with liberal dogma to look to the government to solve every single one of life's problems, and the dreadful government indoctrination centers we refer to as public schools have done a masterful job of ingraining this concept into the heads of our children over the years. We now have 80million self-involved baby-boomers retiring who, over the next 20 years, will expect the nation's work force to happily dole out billions in cash and prizes to pay for their extravagant retirement years. They have been told by liberals for so long that it's their birth-right, their deserved payback from society....payback for what? You think that just because you worked for 25 years that society owes you? I've never heard of anything so dumb!

SS was never meant to fully fund retiremet. It was meant as a supplement, but the "worst generation" decided to spend it's savings on recreational drugs, hemp, and petchouli oil, and let tomorrow's workers pay for their retirement. Originally, there were 33 workers paying for every retiree, who incidentally, only lived 5 years beyond retirement. Now, folks are living 30 years past retirement and only 3 workers are available to pay for their upkeep.

The other misconception is that there is an account with your name on it. There isn't. Every single dollar that is seized from workers' paychecks each month is used to pay for current retirees. The rest is spent on vote-buying schemes by Congress. There is nothing in the "vault" but IOU's. As boomers retire, the scales will tip and in a few years, more money will be paid out than is being taken in and the whole thing will crash. Or else Queen Hillary will just raise taxes on the evil rich to pay for the boomers' exorbitant retirement in order to reward them for slavishly and stupidly voting for her.

Unless you are an idiotic Pollyanna, you will fund your own retirement and forget about the taxpayers of tomorrow supporting you when you are old.


Kevin said...

Privatize social security. Have an account with your name on it that has your tax money towards retirement in it. Problem solved. This insures that you don't get back more than you put in. This insures that you get what you worked for. Of course liberals don't think that way, they think the people who need it deserve it, so this will never happen with them in power.

ed said...

Privatization was tried in Galveston, TX., and all those guys are rich beyond belief. Democrats won't allow it because they never cede control to private citizens....never. They want as much control over your life as they can wrestle away from you. It's how they stay in power...by forcing you to need them.