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Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's Ann Coulter Thursday!

This week Ann defends Rush Limbaugh against the hysterical Senate's move to denounce him for his "phony soldier" comment. If you're familiar with this story, you should give Ann's column this week a read. Go here and check it out.


Kevin said...

First thing: Check out the Daily Show on Comedy Central. He has phony soldiers on there all the time.

Second thing: Pat Tillman gave up a life of fame and fortune in the NFL to fight for his country. To undermine that is Anti-Patriotic, I don't care who you are!

Third Thing: If you go to war, and complain about what you have to do there, you are stupid for signing up, and are probably a democrat.

Robert Underwood said...

Young man you need to watch what you say. I fought for this country. Many soldiers, in all branches, go to war and complain about what the objective is. That a person can sometimes not see the forest for the trees has zero bearing on Mr. Limbaugh's situation and his comments (your item #3). Pat Tillman is only one example of patriotic Americans throughout history that have fought valiantly for our country. Again, however to compare someones undermining of him because he was an NFL player is ludicrous (item #2). Undermining the efforts of any of our warriors (men, women, black, white, protestant, catholic, muslim) is wrong and unpatriotic. I applaud your effort, but hope that future comments about war will be kept speculative, that is until you sign up and go fight ( that I don't wish on you or anyone). War is Hell, and should be eliminated. We have fought many times to do that, we just can't get the rest of the world to quit starting up again.

Kevin said...

I am sorry if I offended you Robert. I was simply trying to make the point that many soldiers are very proud about what they have done in past wars and this one, I in no way was trying to offend any veteran. The only point I was trying to make was the fact that many soldiers complain that war is terrible or that what they are doing is pointless. If you think war is pointless, or your mission is pointless, you shouldn't have signed up for the military in the first place. Again, I am sorry if I offended you in any way.

Robert Underwood said...

Apology accepted. Let me help you understand something about war. There are many times when a platoon of soldiers(privates) is told to get up and go "that way". They are not given specifics of a mission or their part in the overall plan for many reasons(most dealing with security). This gives a simple soldier a lot of leeway to gripe and moan about things. Daily they do things that can and are construed as pointless.This does not mean in any way that they should not have signed up, it just means that their Sgt. should remind them to remain mute when the press is around. These guys tend to twist and turn things to make matters worse. A soldier "earns his stripes" by handling difficult situations and accomplishing the task at hand. This should be the case in the non-military world around us, but, unfortunately is not typically the case.

Ed said...

A point of clarification: complaining about your job is a long and distinguished American tradition and should not be confused with sedition or unwillingness to do that job to the best of your ability. The right to complain(privately if you're in the military) is what makes this country a unique place. For a soldier to complain publically during war is equal to "giving aid and comfort to the enemy".

That being said, there are MSM "plants" in the military who complain publically. The Left uses them to show how miserable the troops are and how they hate their mission. Their only purpose for joining was to go to Iraq and then subvert the mission by publically criticizing it. These are the guys to whom Rush was referring as phony troops, not rank and file troops. Harry Reid and other democrats seized on a statement taken way out of context and used it to attack the guy who has cost them the most over the past 20 years.

John "abscam" Murtha called the troops murderers.
John Kerry called them theives in the night who terrorize women and children.

If anybody is guilty of sedition, treason, or traitorous behaviour it's democrats.

Kevin said...

Robert, Ed made the point I was trying to make, I guess we had a little Limbaugh episode of our own earlier, haha, but he made the point I poorly tried to make earlier.