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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do-it-yourself dentistry....Hillary style

As if the thought of a Hillary Clinton presidency wasn't horrifying enough, here's another ghastly story from the U.K. that gives us a glimpse of our health care system under her command...

A man described how he pulled out seven of his own teeth because he was told to wait for an appointment to see an NHS dentist.

Taxi driver Arthur Haupt used pliers and a technique he had learned in the army to carry out the DIY dentistry.

He said he was forced in agony into taking the drastic action because he was given a three-week wait by staff at his local NHS dental surgery.

Socialized medicine is no joke folks. Everywhere it's been tried, it has failed miserably to provide even basic care for the people who're subjected to it. Of course Hillary won't be pulling her own teeth, she'll have a private medical staff ready to service her needs at the drop of a hat. But if Hillary gets elected queen, the rest of us little people had better stock up on pliers, gauze, and rubbing alcohol.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for pulling your own teeth.


Capt. America said...

C'mon, Ed - you can do better than this!

Give her the nail in the coffin - give us the Socks-story!

ed said...


I'm not falling for that, it's too easy. Besides, who doesn't know that every single move the Clintons make is politically calculated, from having Chelsea as cover for their sham "marriage", to becoming a Yankee fan even though she grew up in Illinois, to which pet to buy(the focus-grouped pets and chose the one which made them appear more genuine), to renting the Lincoln bedroom to donors and accepting bags of cash from destitute Chinese monks knowing that the media will look the other way. The Clintons don't go to the bathroom without a political calculation.

Besides, it's an animal. Animals don't have rights. If Hillary has calculated that the cat doesn't earn her any more votes, it's her right to get rid of it. She doesn't owe any explanations. We know already the cat was a political prop, just like Chelsea and the Yankees hat.

You aren't going to lure me into that argument. You'll have to be cleverer than that.

capt. America said...

He he.

Have a nice evening, Ed.