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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Breck Girl gets indignant....but why?

Today, hapless democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, derisively known as the Breck Girl to us conservatives, fended off tabloid allegations that he had an exrtamarital affair with a campaign staffer.

My question is, why? If you are the butt of jokes about your feminine obsession with your hair, your nick-name is Breck Girl or Silky Pony, a 4 minute video of you preening like a 15 year old cheerleader on prom night is a huge YouTube hit, and Ann Coulter outright called you gay, wouldn't you welcome a rumor that you were a misogynistic, skirt-chasing player? I mean from strictly a PR standpoint? Democrats, especially the critical soccer-mom voters, love a President who sleeps around on his wife and sexually mistreats women. This might be the key to the White House for him, or at least the Veep slot.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit to find out in a year that the rumor came from his campaign.


Anonymous said...

you attack all of the democratic candidates. I am just curious as to which you would prefer if forced to choose.

ed said...

I would probably vote for Dennis "the Keebler elf" Kucinich because he's such a kook, his presidency would be comically ineffectual.

Kevin said...

There is a reason to attack all of the democratic candidates. This blog is called The Right Rant. Now last I checked, democrats are left. Also, most democrats don't really know what they want, besides a non-Republican President.

Ed said...

I attack the democrats because they are attack-worthy. I am fundamentally opposed to nearly every political idea a democrat might advance. Democrats want government control, group identities, and dependence, I like local control, individualism, and self reliance. I can't put it any more simply.

Kevin said...

Right you are Ed, the reason why anyone would attack anything is because their beliefs differ from their opponents, otherwise you are just being silly.