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Monday, March 11, 2013

RINO McCain just doesn't get it

Fresh off his unnecessarily harsh and rather obtuse criticism of Rand Paul's filibuster of John Brennan as CIA chief, John McCain want on the slithering, leftist tool Peirs Morgan's show to defend himself and be used as a useful idiot by Morgan to marginalize the conservative wing of the GOP......

From Daily Caller -- “Well, you know, I am always intrigued by the fact that when I disagree with my own party leadership, my own president — like saying that Donald Rumsfeld ought to resign, [or] we need to do the surge — then I’m a brave maverick,” McCain said. “When I’m taking on others, then he’s just an angry old man.”

Lindsay Graham and McCain actually thinks they're being conciliatory toward the Obama administration by confirming without objection John Brennan as CIA chief. Rand Paul's filibuster wasn't about Brennan personally, though a cogent argument could have been made for it, it was about the constitutionally unclarified question about killing American citizens with drones on US soil without due process. The administration had steadfastly refuse to rule that out and Paul rightly wanted somebody in the administration to say, not that they promise not to do it, but that they couldn't legally do it, period. Finally Holder wrote a brief memo stating that killing by drone, US citizens on US soil, without due process was unconstitutional. 

The question wasn't whether it is preposterous for any administration to kill US citizens without due process, of course it preposterous. The question was, did the administration think it was legal to do so, not whether they intended to do it.

Rand Paul stood for the Constitution while McCain and Graham did not, and for that, they are both dead to me.

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