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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kwame Kilpatrick, please report to the hoosegow

The most corrupt mayor in the US(at least until Rahm Emanuel gets caught), Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit, was sentenced today to prison on 40 charges including racketeering, mail fraud, extortion, bribery, kickbacks, bid rigging, and more. 

A local radio station hired a plane to fly over the city towing a sign that read, "Hey Kwame, don't drop the soap." 

Hahahaha......hilarious! Politicians deserve every bit of disrespect we citizens feel like throwing their way.

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Anonymous said...

Tyya's dad won't acquire mad anything middling at the depend on - no ice cream, no bon-bons, no cookies. But when the saleslady puts a assay sticker on Tyya's nose, Daddy is at the model instant feigned to suborn something uncorrupted