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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DHS's military build-up

Why is the DHS amassing enough firepower and materiel to outfit a small nation's army? Here's what Janet Napolitano has quietly purchased for the DHS and about which the media has shown not the slightest curiosity?

-2.5Billion rounds of .40cal, hollow-point bullets
-7,000 fully automatic assault rifles
-9,000 armored personnel/combat carriers and riot control vehicles
-a $2Million contract with a training-target manufacturer who makes targets of pregnant women, children, and elderly gun owners for residential combat training
-hundreds of bullet-proof guard checkpoints with stop-and-go lights
-hired hundreds of private security guards to protect government buildings
-hundreds of sets of body armor and riot gear
-training exercises in which DHS agents armed with semi-automatic weapons check the ID's of ordinary citizens at gov't building checkpoints.

If this doesn't look like a military buildup in preparation for possibly, martial law, I don't know what does. Why won't the media demand to know what's going on? Why won't the administration hold a press conference to explain? Why in hell won't the media confront Jay Karney and keep asking him until he answers or starts crying?

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Don ald said...

My understanding...
When a homeowner gives a 'promise to pay' they are promising they will work to create value for the fiat currency printed "out of thin air". Money does not exist to *buy* a house. Value must be created through working. Value comes from our energy and labor.
They turn homeowners promise to pay (amount of credit) into fiat currency.Fees are attached to the valueless *non- backed* currency. This causes the currency to become negative value (debt). When they collect this debt from homeowner, they collect *labor-backed* currency (currency with value).
Homeowner believes the Lender paid for their house but did not. The Lender only *purchases* homeowners house using homeowners credit. Homeowner buys their house when they work and make the payments.

Homeowner's credit being turned into fiat currency allows the Lender to invest using homeowners credit. Home owners signature and promise to pay is a financial/negotiable instrument (they seem to leave that part out on the contract).

Lender gives homeower an illusion, not a loan.

Concerning *income* tax..... Income is profit. It is value coming in.
A business or Corporation has 'value coming in'.

But.....for the employee or laborer, they do not receive, they do not earn nor gain "income" because... they must work *first* before they can be paid. Their energy and labor is *creating* value for their pay to come into existence. Their paycheck did not pre-exist!