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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Authoritarian busy-bodies in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the verminous, busy-body authoritarians who constitute what passes for government in that God-forsaken shit-hole of a state can, without any notice or judge-issued warrant, demand entry into a private home and force the owner to demonstrate registration and what they deem to be proper gun safety practices....all because a snoopy bureaucrat saw a picture on Facebook of a kid holding a gun.

The kid is 12 years old and is a legal hunter in New Jersey. He has passed a gun safety course and his father is a gun-safety instructor and gun-range supervisor. But that didn't matter to New Jersey's dept. of family services who threatened to take the kid away.

The father knew his rights and bravely refused entry to the jack-booted government thugs. Gun registration is voluntary in NJ so the cops had nothing to do but turn around and go away. That they even attempted to enter this guy's home simply on the word of a sniveling, liberal busy-body is appalling.

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