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Thursday, March 14, 2013

$10,000,000,000 LHC finally pays off

Based on data analysis of collisions at the LHC, scientists think they have confirmed the existence of the sub-atomic particle, predicted in the 60's, that gives everything in the universe, mass.

From MYWAY news -- GENEVA (AP) - The search is all but over for a subatomic particle that is a crucial building block of the universe. Physicists announced Thursday they believe they have discovered the subatomic particle predicted nearly a half-century ago, which will go a long way toward explaining what gives electrons and all matter in the universe size and shape. 

The particle's existence helps confirm the theory that objects gain their size and shape when particles interact in an energy field with a key particle, the Higgs boson. The more they attract, so the theory goes, the bigger their mass will be.

I still don't get it. How does particle interaction in a field impart mass to the larger object (atom) of which they are sub-parts? 

I'll be impressed when somebody finally defines a unified theory of physics, that is, one that explains gravity. 

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