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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bloomberg tilts at gun-control windmill

New York's authoritarian moonbat mayor, Michael Bloomberg has used money seized from taxpayers to fund an antigun campaign, despite there being no recently passed antigun bills, but if it offends Bloomberg, never mind that it's a constitutional right, it must be stamped out.

Here's a screen shot from one of his ads featuring what I can only imagine is a liberal's idea of prototypical gun owner with a shotgun. Right away, I see at least 2 and possibly three things wrong with this picture. If this guy is an actual gun owner and not a dimwitted actor as I suspect, his finger should not be on the trigger, the weapon should not be pointed in the general direction of the children on the tire swing behind him, and because we can't see inside the chamber, who knows if the gun is loaded or not? It should not be unless he intends on shooting something in the immediate future.

What a pointless waste of taxpayer money!

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