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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 04, 2013

7 year old Josh Welch of Baltimore decided to munch his strawberry pop-tart into the shape of a mountain, but it vaguely reminded his teacher of the shape of a gun, so she smiled and complimented him on his creativity.

Just kidding, the militantly stupid teacher suspended him for two days and every child in the school was sent home with a letter detailing the "disruption" their child experienced having to do with a possible gun at school. In America, zero tolerance has replaced common sense and apparently public-school teachers are ok with not having any responsibility to think.

When my nephew J.P. was like 4, he ate his PB&J sandwich into the shape of a gun once and even pointed it at my sister and laughed maniacally. Luckily we were a sane nation 15 years ago and it was at home not school, so my sister just roller her eyes. If that had been at school today in Obama's zero-tolerance America, he could've ended up in juvee for that.

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