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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eco-kooks threaten protests over Keystone....nation shrugs

Some flaky environmental group called CREDO is threatening a demonstration against Obama if he abandons them and his pledge to deny construction of the vital Keystone Pipeline. Canada has been begging the US to build the pipeline to send billions of gallons of petroleum down to our refineries in Louisiana. But so far, Obama has refused because he's a slave to the nutty environmentalists and his idiotic commitments to nonexistent green energy.

They claim they have 50,000 smelly moonbats willing to be arrested during the demonstration. Heh heh, I seriously doubt if they'll get 1,000 to show up. Still, Obama stated recently that he would likely not even make a decision on the pipeline this year. That sends all that oil to China, who's ready to purchase it with our money, so they can go ahead an pass the US as the most productive nation in the world by 2016, which they're on schedule to do. Meanwhile, we're hamstrung by our moron of a President, the regulation-obsessed democrats, and hippie environmentalists, all of whom hate the very existence of a fossil-fuel based economy. Idiots, I swear!

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