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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 04, 2013

Obama cries "Wolf!" with sequestration cuts

President Obama and his personal lapdogs in the media would have you believe that the budget apocalypse is upon us and treasonous republicans are to blame for any pain felt because of it. Well, because of "baseline budgeting", a treasonous yet clever, accounting trick used by congress to make sure government never ever shrinks from one year to the next, the amount of money spent this year by congress is still more than last year. It's just that the increase is less than expected. This helpful chart I found over at Moonbattery.com will simplify just how small sequestration is and why any panic suggested by the verminous media is wholly manufactured for Obama's political benefit.

If the American economy cannot absorb even this small of a decrease in spending, what possible future are we leaving to our kids who'll have to pay these bills we're running up?

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