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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Obama, the royal President

The Obama clan is yet again headed out on an international, vacation odyssey, care of taxpayers of course. The first daughters will be spending their spring breaks at a fabulous Atlantis Caribbean resort, complete with round the clock secret service protection.

Meanwhile, as Obama sanctimoniously preaches to the American taxpayers about "shared sacrifice", the white house remains closed to tours for the children of taxpayers who are footing the bill for another lavish vacation for America's imperial first family.

The arrogant entitlement of these people knows no bounds. While most American families suffer financially, wondering if they can even afford a quick trip to the beach, the Obama's happily jet to the Caribbean to spend money earned by Americans who are sitting at home this summer.

We won't know the total bill for entertaining Sasha and Malia at our expense until the FOIA's are filed, but for one week in Aspen last year, taxpayers coughed up $485,000. For 10 days in Hawaii, we paid $4million which did not include a separate, private flight for their stupid pet dog.

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