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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mark Kelly, hypocrite or one-man sting operation

Astronaut, long-suffering husband of Gabbie Giffords, and outspoken gun-control nut Mark Kelly was caught legally purchasing an AR-15 in a Tucson gun store this week. He claims that he was just proving how easy it is to obtain an "assault weapon", whatever that is.

But Kelly's purchase was easy because he's a law-abiding citizen without any criminal record so he passed the background check with flying colors. He claims he'll turn it over to the sheriff's department as soon as he receives it. That's the lamest "sting operation" I've ever seen. All he demonstrated is that an otherwise lawful citizen can buy a gun. If he really wanted to make his point, he should have enlisted a felon or somebody in a straight-jacket and showed him buying a gun...illegally.

I think Mark Kelly was being a hypocrite. He wanted an AR-15 for himself before they're outlawed, though his position is that nobody should be allowed to own one. When he got recognized, he made up the story about his one-man "sting" operation.

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