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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weather, not cooperating with the Goreacle

Mindless environmental cultists are scrambling to rationalize how, with all the man-made global warming with which they've been scaring everybody, there are regular reports of freak snow storms and record cold temperatures across the globe. Here are a few samples of the weather headlines just from today...

--In Spitzing in Germany, locals have been forced to wrap up after ten centimetres of snow brought out the snowploughs for the first time this year.

--May 29 (Bloomberg) -- Argentina rationed electricity to companies and severed natural gas supplies to Chile as a cold wave prompted record demand for electricity in South America's second-largest economy.

--Dozens of people were feared killed in remote parts of north-western Nepal after the areas were hit by a freak snow storm, officials said on Tuesday.

The Goreacle cleverly changed the mantra of his pagan environmental religion from "man-made global warming" to "climate change", because as rational, thinking people have always known, the temperature of the Earth has been fluctuating for billions of years. It's always going either up or down, so by calling it "climate change" he can continue to terrify stupid, simple-minded people into crippling their own lifestyles regardless of whether there is a heat wave or a freak snow storm.

This lady is scraping 8 inches of global warming evidence off her windshield.

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