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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It appears that another sport celebrity has managed to screw-up (Pun possibly intended). Alex Rodriguez, the $252 million dollar man of the NY Yankees was caught on film entering his hotel with this blonde-non-wife female at midnight. A tryst in the making.

A-Rod checks into the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto on Sunday, the balance of the team is staying at the Hilton down the street, changes and heads to dinner with this girl and 2 friends. After dinner the party was shuttled to an upscale strip club in Toronto. Near midnight, these 2 are seen climbing into the "up" elevator. No mention of her departure time, if she has yet departed .

Facts as I know them are as follows:

A-Rod is married. Not to this woman. He is out of town. His wife is not with him. He is a rich and popular young man. He is not talking.

A-Rod is married and has a child by his wife. In their vows I assume he promised to honor her and to be faithful to her through sickness and health. It is apparent that at best something is amiss. I can only assume that most wives would not be thrilled to see a picture of their husband entering his hotel at midnight with another woman. By not talking, he only leaves available rampant speculation and gossip. What really bothers me, however, is the defense put on by Mike Golic this morning on his radio show. Mr. Golic is not bothered at all by any of the above mentioned issues. He is concerned with an invasion into the private life of a sports figure. I cannot fathom how a responsible adult could defend actions that violate a marriage and pawn it off on privacy issues. If the silence is lifted, I will gladly give Rodriguez a chance to explain, and will consider his explanation . I will not do the same for Golic. He apparently has no regard for the sanctity of marriage and for a promise/contract made and being fulfilled. I believe in fidelity to principle. Rodriguez is married and for better or worse should act as such.

Why stay at a seperate hotel? Why hang out with a


billb said...

What happened Reid, lose your train of thought there at the end?

Why worry what an over-paid, dumb jock does with his life?

Reid said...

billb: Thanks for the note on the omission. Unfortunately, the balance of the piece was left off from the blog. Alas, I am now completely aghast to find that A-Rod has an ongoing (5 Yr) affair with this woman and that his wife is aware of the deal. The clean-up woman apparently travels with "A" and helps him thru those long and stressful road nights. Why a lowlife like this guy is able to be a role model to youngsters is a compelling reason why our country is in moral decay.

billb said...

Open marriages! We would probably be shocked to learn for how many wives of rich men, it is OK with them if he gets a little on the side. That way, she still gets access to the affluency without the responsibility of actually being a wife, which is what she wanted in the first place.

Kind of makes a mockery of the institution doesn't it?

Reid said...

Moral Decadence abounds. I can't speak for others, but I know that if my wife discovered an incedence such as this, I would no longer be rich (assuming I was) - I would be dead and less some parts of man-dom.

Marky Mark said...


I assume you agree the market knows best. So, can anyone be over-paid?

billb said...

I meant "over paid" in a pejorative sense. Of course A-rod can negotiate the most he can get, however, if the owners had any sense, they would include in all contracts, lack of performance punitives to balance performance rewards. The players' union in MLB has way too much power, as do all labor unions, and when they fail to perform, they should make less money.

As for A-rod's moral arrangement with his wife, it's none of anybody's business as long as it doesn't affect his performance..on-the-field performance if you get my drift.