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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Elementary indoctrination

School children are terrified daily by kool-aid-drinking teachers who indoctrinate them into believing the man-made global warming hoax. That's bad enough but, now it's become part of the curriculum for children to regurgitate the disinformation that passes for learning in government schools...

The fifth-graders at Paul Burbank Elementary School are required to work on an exhibition project as part of the International Baccalaureate program. The subject of the inquiry must be a real-life issue or problem that is local or global and is of sufficient scope and significance to warrant an extended investigation.

Burbank's fifth-graders came to realize that global warming remains the most complex environmental problem of our time and threatens dangerous consequences if not addressed. They chose global warming as their exit project for this year since they felt the issue merited serious attention.

This phony, anti-capitalist propoganda is now part of the curriculum that is required before a child can be baptized into the church of kooky environmentalism.

Hat tip Dailypress.com.


Robert W. said...

Well, our school children are already indoctrinated daily into believing the man-made bible is the work of 'god', so they'll probably survive this too.

Bobby T said...

I don't beleive any school system in the country, is teaching that the Bible is "man made". I don't think they are teaching the Bible at all! You show a lack of understanding of God's word when you descibe it as such.

robert w. said...

And you show a lack of reading skills. Read my post again.

Ed said...

I think the man-made part is robert's commentary on the bible.

My feeling is that government schools are incompetent in almost every way, so why would I want the governmet, that I so inherently distrust, indoctrinating my child in Christianity, or any other religion for that matter?

Religion's place is in the home and church, not the school. School is for education. Sadly even that's not being done very well.

I wouldn't want my kid being indoctrinated into Islam or Hari Krishna or whatever by the government, and I'm sure Muslims or Hari Krishna's don't want their kids being indocrtinated into Christianity.

If the class is a historical teaching without advocacy, that would be fine.

Bobby T said...

Robert W. : Please help me understand your post. I read that you say that the "man made bible is the work of God". I do not understand your choice of words apparently . I do understand that the Holy Bible is the divine word of the Lord and that it was written into languages for the world the use and understand. All the writings were written by chosen people and were written reflecting visions, prophecy, etc. In the case of Paul, his letters were written to churches he helped establish to further their christian walks. I cannot think of any Christian schola that would desribe this book in the manner that you are. Please help me understand.

robert w. said...

Dear Bobby

As you "do understand that the holy bible is the divine word of the lord", nothing I say could make you understand.

PS Ed: You got it, and I totally agree with you on religion in school.

Ed said...

In addition to not advancing their version of religion onto my kid, I don't want the government advancing ANY politically correct, environmental dogma onto my kid either. These days, to question the druidical religion known modern environmentalism is heretical, and punishable.

Forcing children to regurgitate as fact, the Goreacle's wild-eyed rantings about the end of the world, is to me, just as dangerous as teaching them it's perverted version of Christianity or teaching 4th graders how to put a condom on a cucumber. It's all wrong and idiotic, and it has no place in schools.

It's not about the imagined "wall of separation". The Constitution mentions no such wall.

It's about the government being fundamentally flawed and corrupt in every way, and my wanting to minimize it's influence on my family and my life.

Bobby T said...

Robert: I truly hope that you come to understand the Bible and its teachings. It was best summed up by saying that if belief is wrong I have lost nothing, If non belief is wrong, well then those people have lost everything. I didn't say it but it truly makes sense to me.

Ed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
robert w. said...

Started censoring, Ed?

Ed said...

No robert, I inadvertantly wrote something that I wanted to change so I deleted my own comment. Unless the comment contains graphic adult references or gratuitous foul language, I do not censor comments.