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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's Ann Coulter Thursday!

This week, Ann offers her point of view on Jerry Falwell, skewering loathsome liberals as she goes. Check it out.


Fall-Well said...

"Second, Falwell later stressed that he blamed the terrorists most of all, but I think that clarification was unnecessary. The necessary clarification was to note that God was at least protecting America enough not to allow the terrorists to strike when a Democrat was in the White House."

Nice twisted, lawyer Coulter - very nice.

dupree said...

Nobody, nobody shines the light of truth on liberals like Ann. Bill and Hillary would have given Chelsea's life for 9/11 to have happened during his administration. It would have secured his legacy and her rise to ultimate power. Thank goodness 9/11 happened during a time when actual adults were in power to handle it.

fare-well said...

I love a good debate, but sorry, dupree - I can't argue with people who are sick. A minimum of sanity is simply required.

TG2 said...

Don't be so hard on dupree, fare-well - I'm also convinced the Clintons would love going to war (Saddam didn't have anything to do with 9/11, but hey - you can't be too pedantic.) getting thousands of American soldiers killed (and costing billions of the taxpayers' dollars), violating all rules of prisoner treatment both in Abu Graib and Guantanamo, rocket-fuelling the growth of terrorist groups in Iraq, helping Halliburton to fat contracts, scaring the American press into destructive self-censorship, introducing anti-democratic laws reducing every American's freedom etc. etc.

I'm also pretty certain Bill and Hillary really envy the Bush-familiy their business relationship with the Bin Ladens.

But most of all I'm sure Bill would love to dress in a fighter pilot suit, serve a plastic turkey for the press photographers, and declaring mission accomplished - a bit premature, but again; you can't be too pedantic if you're aiming at being rememberd as the most stupid American president ever.

dupree said...

Look, nobody criticizes Bush more than me...except maybe tg2. That being said, as a conservative, watching the Clinton's politicize the terrorism issue would be nauseating at best. I agree, however, that Bush has grossly mishandled the war on terrorists, Iraq, immigration, spending, etc, but co-Presidents Clinton would have done far worse....ceding U.S. sovereignty to the U.N., killing a couple of camels in the desert in retaliation, using the military which he loathes to deliver box lunches to children of terrorists in hopes of getting them to like us, sending Maddie Albright to grovel to Bin Laden like she did with Kim Jong Il,
sending massive amounts of taxpayer funded aid to the middle-east in hopes of appeasing the terrorists into not killing us, having N.Y. homocide detectives investigate 9/11 because after all, it's a law-enforcement issue, inviting leaders of the world's terrorist organizations to the WhiteHouse for a summit to iron out our "differences", maybe offering them use of the Lincoln bedroom in return for not killing us and maybe some campaign cash. Maybe Bush has bungled every step he's taken since 9/11 but at least he's trying to do what he believes is the right thing. The Clinton's would be doing whatever benefitted them politically...the security of the country be damned.

Ed said...

Alright...I love when honest-to-goodness Bush-McHitler haters weigh in...welcome.