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Friday, May 11, 2007

Bigger fish to fry

The doping case against TDF champion Floyd Landis is looking weaker and weaker this week...

Floyd Landis claims the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s lead attorney approached his lawyer offering “the shortest suspension they’d ever given an athlete” if Landis provided information that implicated Lance Armstrong for doping.

When the enforcement agency tries to get you to snitch on another athlete who has been retired for two years, they must not have as much on you as they would like you to believe. Floyd Landis won the Tour de France, how much bigger fish are there in cycling? Why are they after Lance? He was the most tested athlete in the world for seven years and not once did he ever test positive. Cycling had better get their act together and restrain these governing agencies who think that they have to bust a big-name athlete regularly in order to justify their jobs. My opposition to labor unions is well-documented on this blog, but here's one instance where a riders' union would do some good for the sport.

Floyd Landis---not a snitch.


Bobby T said...

Why are they after Lance? He has been and probably still is the greatest name in the industry (after Schwinn). What do liberal thinking jealous people do? They try to knock off the man on the pedastal. I also dont think his relationship with that wacked out Sheryl Crow helped either. Knock off Lance and then they can put the liberal poster boy from Europe in his place. Ya gotta hate this for all parties concerned.

Ed said...

My friend over at EndlessCycle, pelotonJim, thinks that the guy over the USADA is ruthlessly ambitious and believes that every rider is cheating. If that's the case, then his going after the biggest name in the entire cycling world would make his career as a sports dope-cop...in his mind. He doesn't care one bit about needlessly ruining lives and sports industries as he thrashes about trying to make a name for himself.

Can you say Mike Nifong?

Goodspeed said...

Ed, you say "Floyd Landis won the Tour de France"

So, did Ben Johnson win the Olympics?

Ed said...

You missed my point goodspeed. Reread my post...only more slowly.

I wasn't defending Landis as being clean. I was defending Landis, the putative TDF champion, as being a worthy trophy for the USADA.