“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Eurofication of America begins

OK, so there's a ton of chatter about whether this comprehensive immigration reform bill is "amnesty" or not. My thinking is that if Ted "make mine a double" Kennedy, George Bush and John McCain are for it, it must be amnesty. I've sort of become philosophical about this. Because we've ignored our border for so long and illegals are so intrenched, albeit at the edges, of our society, legalizing them at some point is inevitably going to happen. No politician has the guts for massive deportation so what's the alternative?

I see pros and cons with guest worker programs, border fencing, employment enforcement, deportation programs, I.D. cards, Z-visas, etc. The one issue I haven't seen adressed, but which is foremost in my mind, is voting rights for guest workers and legal resident aliens. Mexicans, like all poor minorities, vote overwhelmingly democrat. This is because the democrats are more than eager to seize money from those of us who earn it, having promised to give it to those who don't. If you were a poor alien, why wouldn't you vote for the politician who promises to take money from people you don't know and give it to you in return for your vote? Democrats have made an art-form out of getting the poor, uneducated, loafing classes to hate the achievers and producers in America. Thanks to democrat demagoguery, many poor people think they are owed some of what others have earned.

With that in mind, what I see looming in America's future is a permanent democrat majority powered by 6-12 million new welfare voters demanding taxpayer funded goody-bags. Goody-bags that craven, power-mad politicians will happily provide. In addition, look for the labor union rolls to sweel by that much too. Strong labor unions make absurd, crippling demands on industry, but of course industry has nobody to blame but themselves for employing illegals all these years in the first place. The problem is the rest of us will pay higher prices for goods and services as a result. The republican party will become indistinguishable from democrats and therefore irrelavant, and will toil in a deserved permanent minority status. (There is no one to blame for the demise of the modern republican party but George W. Bush.)

Bottom line: with the passage of this bill, America will begin it's devolution into what resembles a European country, where there will be a productive minority from whom liberal democrats will take wealth, and an underclass of unassimilated service and industry workers who will demand this wealth in return for votes. The border will remain mostly open across which uneducated, entitlement-minded laborers will stream in order to get the slice of pie Congress has told them is rightfully theirs for the taking. This country will cease to be an English-speaking country(it already has). All schools will become officially bi-lingual. Vast portions of the American southwest, as well as vast portions of most cities, will become Spanish-only barrios in which reside millions of unassimilated immigrants whose only contribution to America will be their democrat vote. Sure they'll work legally, but their miniscule tax burden will not come near to offsetting their demand for taxpayer-funded services.

If you haven't read Atlas Shrugged, I strongly suggest you do so. America is on a certain path to exactly what Ayn Rand depicted in that book.


dupree said...

Here's something else that's been overlooked. The amendment to the Constitution which says anybody born in the U.S. is automatically a citizen. What this immigration bill encourages is anybody who doesn't feel like paying the $5000 fine, or going back home to get a Z-visa, or any other requirement, only has to knock somebody up or get knocked-up and poof, they get to stay as the parent of an American anchor-baby. After all, what judge would send the parent home leaving the child?

jrfjr said...

"...legalizing them at some point is inevitably going to happen."

I don't agree. It can only happen if we give up and surrender to the panderers. If we agree to this, in another 20 years we will have 200 million illegals, and we might be lucky if they allow us to have our own tribal lands. They come here and breed like cockroaches so that 200 million will bloom out quickly.

Ed said...

Point taken jrfjr. I heard today where France and South Africa are successfully deporting thousands of undesirables...why can't we. The only reason we can't is because we won't. Republican slavishness to political correctness and democrat lust for millions of poor, hand-out voters will make it highly unlikely that any deportation program other than symbolic, will be put into place.