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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, May 25, 2007

Monkey business

WASHINGTON - America’s lowest-paid workers won a $2.10 raise Thursday, with Congress approving the first increase in the federal minimum wage in almost a decade.

Why didn't they just report it this way since this is the reality?

Congress succeeded in sticking it to America's small businesses once again as they monkied with the competitive labor market by hiking the federal minimum wage by an astonishing $2.10 by 2009. As a direct result of Congress's meddling, thousands of young, entry-level workers will be fired and the prices of goods and services provided by these businesses will go up.

This is the reality of the absurd existance of a federally mandated minimum wage. It forces businesses to lay off workers and/or raise prices so that democrats can "prove" to their voting base that they care about the poor and the uneducated. The reality is also that only about 6% of minimum wage workers fail to get a raise after 6 months. The minimum wage is unnecessary.

Seriously, if you are so incompetent, lazy, stupid, undiciplined, irresponsible, or otherwise unwilling to diligently make yourself valuable enough to your employer that he's willing to pay you more than $5.15 an hour, then you deserve to be poor.

Meddling in the labor market is bad governmental policy...but since when does the badness of policy stop Washington bureaucrats from monkeying with the lives of Americans?


dupree said...

The other reason democrats like minimum wage increases is that unionized labor contracts are tied to the minimum wage. The second Bush signs this bill, every union worker in the country with a minimum-wage clause in his employment contract will immediately get a $.70 per hour raise, regardless of whether he has performed on the job such that he deserves a raise.

It's awful, just awful!

Bobby T said...

Even worse is the typical batch of hooey loaded into these type of bills that are truly awful. I bet if one reads the entire bill and its adjustments/ addenda, it would be proven that this is the case.

Ed said...

Of course. Democrats load up the ear-marks on bills they know the republican president wants and republicans did the same thing to Clinton. It all stinks!