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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bush's EEOC outrage

If you are still a fan of the Bush administration, then please tell me why he is suing the Salvation Army for asking it's employees to speak English....

EEOC sues Salvation Army over "English-only" policy

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has over the years been broadly hostile to employer policies requiring that employees speak English on the job, viewing such policies as improperly tending to screen out workers of protected national origin. Federal courts haven't always agreed with the agency's views on the question, however; in a 2003 case the Salvation Army, the venerable religious institution, was upheld in its right to fire a worker who'd refused to speak English when asked to do so by her boss. Now the EEOC has taken the Salvation Army back to court again, in a case where two clothes sorters at an Army facility in Framingham, Mass., outside Boston, lost their jobs after supervisors decided to start enforcing an existing speak-English policy.

The President, more than anybody else, should not be in the business of undermining the right of a business to hold the ability to speak, or the willingness to learn, English as a condition of employment. Add this outrage to Bush's failure to close the border or offer any meaningful immigration reform and you have a President who has abdicated his job.

For all you kooky, cool-aid-drinking liberals who are going to call me a xenophobe or a racist, this isn't about race or my not liking Mexicans. I love Mexico and Mexicans. I go there regularly for vacation where I throw around lots of American dollars. This about the law, about an unsustainable drain on the social services system, about the preservation of English as THE language of this country, about the preservation of the culture, about the U.S. being a refugee camp for a corrupt third-world country on our border, and about new citizens to our country embracing our culture, not them coming here and setting up micro versions of their country and demanding that we conform to their culture.

Hat tip PointofLaw.com by way of Michelle Malkin.

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