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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Democrat treachery

We are all familiar with the democrats' awful habit of taking money from those who earned it and giving it to loafers who didn't, in return for votes. Would somebody please explain the rationale for this...

Democrats are bringing legislation to the floor this week to pay Guam citizens for the crimes committed against them by members of the Imperial Japanese military forces during World War II!

3000 Americans died liberating Guam from the Japanese. Why do we owe them anything? I would think they owed us, I don't know, maybe a "thank you, America".

Here's a picture of Americans fighting and dying to free the thankless residents of Guam from the torturing Japanese.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.


Bob Underwood said...

Are the Guamites screaming about attrocities or are the Democrats frantically searching for a platform to launch another immigration/racism atack at the Republican led government.

I think that Guam is now a US affiliate, anyway. what else do the Dems want to give them? Should we invade another island and turn it over to them as recompense? Where does the knife twisting stop? All this seems to be doing is weaking our country. If somebody wants to donate to the Guamite War Attrocity fund and they feel compelled to do so, then great. Otherwise snap it shut and don't aste my taxpayer dollar on further trivial issues.
Besides, most of those alive during the war is now dead or is so close that it doesn't matter anyway.

Ed said...

It's the same stupid mentality of those guilty white liberals who favor slave reparations.

We liberated the Guamites, we didn't enslave or otherwise mistreat them. Just because part of the Japanese unconditional surrender in '45 included absolution from all war atrocities, doesn't mean that the U.S. should take up the "debt".

It's white liberal guilt disguised as compassion, used as an excuse to take still more money from the producers and earners.

You want your tax dollars to go to every lazy, deadbeat and reprobate in this hemisphere? Then vote D in '08.

Bob Underwood said...

I may move to Guam. I then may get to receive some cash that will be handed out. I wonder if Guam is faced with an illegal immigration problem, or do the shark infested waters keep the riff-raff away?

Ed said...

I resent greatly that money will be seized from you and me by our government to hand over to Guamers, 99% of whom were not even alive during WWII.

Treacherous, subversive liberals...I swear!