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Monday, April 16, 2007

Weather cleverly ruins another anti-weather rally

Ignoring reality as usual, literally tens of global warming cultists stupidly plod ahead with anti-weather demonstration...

More than two dozen demonstrators braved cold, wet weather Saturday in Reno to attend a rally designed to draw attention to global warming.
The event was cut short by heavy rain and sleet, said organizer Lisa Stiller of the Northern Nevada Coalition for Climate Change.
"It's kind of disappointing that the weather kept people away," Stiller said. "But, we still think it (climate change) is something that people should talk about."
The storm prevented the use of solar ovens for a potluck picnic, Stiller said, and caused the planned two-hour demonstration to break up after about an hour.

Nothing, nothing disuades moonbats from their determination to convince Americans to return to a 17th century lifestyle...solar ovens...I swear!


Staten Island Stalagtite said...

Dear TRR: I live in the now "Great White North". It used to be called New York. The name was changed when the global warming induced freak April snowstorm destroyed our way of life. I was looking for floral blooming and got blooming mountains of snow. I was expecting the yellow stench from pollen, and received a large white pile of icy water that reminded me of the smell of ice fishing. I am tired of hockey, and long for baseball ( played on green grass not snow covered Clevand tarps. How can this be blamed on George Bush, because I know that AlGore is the smartest man on the planet. Wher did we go wrong?

Ed said...

The wrongness is arrogantly thinking that man's activities can change the environment of a dynamic, complex, massive, and ancient planet like Earth in the span of 60 years or so. The wrongness is also in following, lemming-like, a nitwit like Al Gore over the cliff of CO2 resriction.

Remember, back in the 70's, liberals were equally hysterical about changing our lifestyles in order to avoid the looming ice-age.

billb said...

Ed, you can't state with straight face that man isn't contributing to global climate change through his production of greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane. Even the coldest April on record is evidence of global warming. The models predict wild weather extremes, some warmer and some colder.