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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dumb idea...putting children in close contact with wild animals

You can mark this down as one of those human/animal-interaction experiments that just has to end badly.

It seems the Indianapolis aquarium will soon feature a petting tank for sharks. Children, yes children, will be encouraged to put their hands into the tank with the man-eating sharks, and pet the sharks.

I look forward to ridiculing this hare-brained adventure in nature education, when some 10 year old reaches into the tank and pulls back a bloody stump where his hand used to be.

In other nature education news: Chuckie Cheeze plans to install venomous-snake appreciation pits, around which toddlers can ride tricycles, in all of their stores nation-wide.

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Reid said...

attention Children: Little Johnny will now demonstrate the incorrect technique of shark petting. As you watch he will be dragged over the edge of the glass enclosure and into the tank. Jaws will not release his hand until he has dragged Johnny around the tank at least 3 times drowning him. He will then invite his tank mates over for a quick between meal snack. Do I have any other volunteers who want to play with the deadly animals? We have a brood of vipers that you can roll around with, or you can do the disappearing head trick with the lions, or your last option is to just swim a quick lap or 2 in the piranha tank. Okay no volunteers, well then follow me so we can move over and watch the other tour group as they play with the black widow spiders in our spider exhibit.