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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SEC trounces Big10...again

I loathe the Florida Gators as much as anybody, but I have to say that I'm glad they whipped the Buckeyes for the second time in three months to win a national championship.

It's not because I like the Gators that I wanted them to win. It's an SEC thing. All the national sports media adore the Big10 conference, plus Notre Dame of course. They never give the SEC appropriate credit for being, by far, the most competitive conference in the country. So for that reason, I'm glad an SEC team clobbered another Big10 team. I'll go back to hating Florida tomorrow.


Reid said...

SEC: Winners of the last 2 Ncaa mens Basketball championships, the last football championship, the last womens basketball championship, last years gymnastics winner, mens swimming and diving, womens swimming and diving, NCAA equestrian champions, and most importantly the proud conference of hundreds of scholar athletic graduates, not to mention the thousands of non athletic graduates. I say lets play some ball!

Ed said...

Nobody can doubt the SEC's dominance in inter-collegiate sports, though I continue in vain to search for the sports media's acknowledgment of that.

Joe Camel said...

With completely biased journalists, such as Billy "Mr. ACC" Packer, the SEC has little chance to get a break. Other regional reporter types immediately fall on the stereotypical us against the big bad SEC beast mentality, and demean and play down accomplishments. What is ironic, however, is the large and growing number of schools that are talking down the area but are spending vast amounts of their financial resources to recruit this market. Alabama alone has a starter at UCONN and at Georgetown. This state produced players on rosters at Michigan, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma State, and Stanford in various sports. Alas all we get is beat up for being southern and rednecks by the press. Where is Keith Jackson when you really neeed him?

Ed said...

Well said Joe.

Reid said...

Well I can't resist this. Tennessee's Womens basketball team adds to the continual dominace by SEC teams. The "cute girls "from the Volunteer state have defeated the "tatooed nappy headed hos " from Rutgers . Chalk one more up for the good guys. Complaints should be addressed to my friend Don Imus for stating this, and I just chose to re-utilize his female-ethnic slur for accuracy.