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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, April 02, 2007

Rosie's off her meds again

Just when you thought Ireland's favorite lesbian couldn't get any more deranged, Rosie O'Donnell managed to plumb the depths of the stupid pool a little deeper.

Parroting other Hollywood nitwits like Charlie Sheen, Rosie tried to convince her core TV audience, Valium-addled house wives, that 9/11 was a Bush administration conspiracy to A: destroy documents revealing crimes of evil capitalists, B: a controlled demolition to make Americans hate peace-loving Muslims, or C: justify attacking Iraq so he could finish the job his dad failed to finish. Astonishingly the answer is all of the above. She also bellowed that Britain purposefully sent it's sailors into Iranian waters this week, knowing they would be captured, thus justifying a coallition attack on the Muslims in Iran.

It's been reported that ever since the Rosie/Trump feud fizzled, the ratings for The View have steadily declined. Even idle soccer moms dont' want to hear Rosie attack the President day after day.

Perhaps Rosie should refill that dated perscription for Wellbutrin that's been sitting on her vanity for months. I hear Anna Nicole's doctor feelgood is available.

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