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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tony Blair...modern day Don Quixote

His country willingly participates in it's own death spiral as a result of aggressive colonization by militant Islam, yet Tony Blair decides to take a brave stand against traffic accidents...

BAD driving kills 1.2million people a year and is a bigger danger to the world than war or disease, Tony Blair said yesterday.

This is on par with the stupidity that is the global-warming hoax perpetrated by the Goreacle. Sometimes I think TB is a good guy, but then he goes and shows what a moron he is. His country is dying and he tilts against the traffic windmill!

Hat tip to The Mirror.


dupree said...

"tilting at windmills", nice Don Quixote reference.

I didn't think you had time to read anything other than web stuff for this blog.

Ed said...

This blog's only been up for a little over a year. I had plenty of time to read in the 44 previous years.