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Monday, April 30, 2007

One man's misfortune is another's opportunity

Team Discovery just announced the release of team leader Ivan Basso. He is leaving to address questions stemming from the Puerto doping scandal from last May in which 50 riders were denied entry in the '06 Tour de France. This leaves open the door for Levi Leipheimer to lead Team Discovery. Levi won the Tour of California earlier this year, but 5 days riding around your hometown is different from 22 days riding around France. Basso was Lance's pick to lead Discovery in the TDF but I think Levi can handle it. He's a good time-trialer, a good sprinter, a smart team leader, and an excellent climber.

If any of you are interested in reading some more about American and world cycling, I highly recommend Endless Cycle, hosted by peloton Jim. He's got a cool site in which we discuss all the current goings-on in cycling from Floyd Landis, the Puerto doping scandal, to Levi taking the lead role on Discovery, to other larger issues tangentially related to cycling and sports. Really, you should check it out.


billb said...

Oh no. Spare us. Ed's back into cycling. What is your obsession with this boring sport?

pelotonjim said...

Thanks for the plug Ed. The check is in the mail. BillB sooner or later you will convert. Give in.

Sportingo said...


I would like to speak with you regarding publishing opportunities for your future cycling articles.


Joe Camel said...

Ed: There you go national recognition - that is if you call sporting.com national. I figure all cycling magazines are either fronts for the spread of apathy (France) or just dull.

Ed said...

Joe, you and billb should give cycling another chance. I realize the crashes you guys suffered on tricycles as freightened children have left lifelong scars, but it's really a great sport.

And, I've already got "national" attention. Vanhelsing from "Moonbattery.com" stopped by last week and left a comment.

See, when you persist and don't let life's setbacks get you down, you can accomplish anything. You two could apply that to cycling in your own lives.

Joe Camel said...

I am purchasing some cycling shorts and those funny shoes today. I will wear them down to the local bar and see how it goes. If the girls like them, well then I might get a bike as well. Do those racing bikes have those little thumb pull bells on them to help notify others that they are coming?

Ed said...

You won't pick up many broads in bars dressed that way, but do you really want to meet a girl in a bar? Try cycling at a local state park or a novice ride with the local club dressed in cycling garb and you'll meet some fine, athletic girls....and you won't have to use lame pick-up lines to get the conversation going, you'll already have something in common.

joe camel on a typical friday night in a bar, "Hey girl, are those mirrored pants? 'Cause I can see myself in them."

JC said...

It works!!